Anger and its role in processing grief

The grief resulting from the death of a loved one knows not the passage of time. There are five stages of grief according to the late psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler Ross. In 1969, she first laid out her theory of these five stages in her best-selling book On Death and Dying. This paradigm on the process of grieving is not new and has become familiar to professionals and lay people alike. 

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How it ends thus far

e390f91d0c1a6c62c1d966331299e71f_story-end-illustrations-and-stock-art-498-story-end-illustration-_180-195I’ll tell you how the story ends. It’s me living alone in a subsidized apartment downtown. There is currently an infestation of “drain gnats” and since I cannot afford bleach or drain cleaner, I’m attempting to deal with them by boiling copious amounts of water and pouring it down the pipes. However, the internet has informed me this is futile as the larvae can survive extreme heat. Now I have resorted to taping over every drain in my unit save for one – I feel like a crazy person doing this, but I’m not alone.

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Dreaming of adventure?

unnamedDuring this time of pandemic, I’m surely not the only one dreaming of going some place new and unfamiliar as our apartments and houses slowly become all too familiar. Here’s a post from my friend Stan Wiebe to inspire us of all the places we may one day go.

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Growth happens in subtle spaces

Featured Image -- 2444
Growth happens in the subtle spaces,
beneath the Earth,
before we can see any evidence
of any new beginnings.

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A letter of acceptance

The letter delivered news she had been waiting on for several months and now that it was finally in her hands, the words to describe how she felt eluded her. In fact, all manner of feeling eluded her. She was numb, which was not what she anticipated. Elation is what she knew she should be feeling but, any hint of it was overshadowed by the question of what was to come next. 


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Why survivors stay silent

Why report rape?

file-20190813-71905-1o6199v Here is another post titled with an unfortunate question. Before I give my answer, I need to emphasize that this post is not intended to cause any victim or survivor to feel pressure and/or shame over their choice on whether or not to report a rape. Many factors go into this very personal decision and you must always put your personal safety and well-being first. That being said, there are two main reasons to report a rape.

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Should I report rape?

LonelyIt’s an awful shame that’s even a question. We don’t question if we should report a burglary, a car crash, or any other type of assault. But unfortunately, rape falls into its own unique category. A survivor of a sexual assault needs to consider many factors when it comes to reporting.

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The best love story for our modern times

Valentine’s Day weekend may be over, but love stories are great every day of the year!

Just One Take

Since its debut in the fall of 2011, I have been enamored with the ABC television series Once Upon A Time. That year was a time of personal transition and the show beautifully helped me through the difficulties I encountered.

In the pilot, we are introduced to our hero Emma Swan who appears in a doorway wearing a stunning red dress.

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Valentine’s Haiku

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just One Take


I wrote a poem for St. Valentine’s Day – hope you like it!

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